Can I remain anonymous?

Not really. The law requires that all donations be reported to the Louisiana Ethics Board. That info is available publicly. We will not print our list or share it with anyone. If someone wants to get the list from the Ethics Board there is nothing stopping them

Do I have to be from New Orleans to donate to the effort?

No. Anyone or any company can Donate. It is easy and right here on the page. Your money will be used to continue to get the word out and give people the opportunity to sign as close to home as possible. The limit is 100k per person or company

Do I have to live in New Orleans?

Yes. You have to live in New Orleans and be a registered voter.

Who is funding this?

This is funded by local businesses and citizens. Little bit by little bit. We need you to donate, volunteer and tell a friend. We are well on our way, but we need to keep will take all of us