We are seeing it from every corner of the city.
Every political affiliation.
Every race & religion.
Enough is enough.
We are greater than she!


Things to think about when you are considering whether you want more Latoya:

- Rampart street car still not working after the collapse of a building her administration green lit and inspected

- Not showing up for those children that fell into the river

- Not responding to the rape in the French Quarter

- CRIME, and just more excuses

- not paying back a 30k travel upgrade, and claiming she is above the law

- Lack of empathy for crime victims in the city (even after they ask for it)

- Police staffing or lack thereof, more excuses

- Juvenile Justice Intervention Center mismanagement 

- Retaliation towards residents and businesses

- Lincoln Beach hold up

- Gordon Plaza hold up, more excuses

- The inequity with enforcement under Claiborne Bridge 

- Trash collection issues

- Lights around the city out

-Traffic lights still not working from Ida, more excuses

- Code enforcement of large buildings compared to code enforcement of homeowners and during second lines

- NORD working so it benefits all residents 

- Revenue and tax collection failures 

- Issues with SWB billing (mayor is president of board)

- Giving up money through Wisner trust 

- 9-1-1 software procurement failure 

- Smart Cities contract mismanagement

- Blight remediation 

- Capitol projects not moving. She's not around to move them

- French quarter security plan 

- City hall relocation (not talking to community)

- Target announcement premature

- Handling of consent decree 

- No Mardi Gras? 

- And the list goes on

These are a few of the reasons she needs to go and we're sure you can add more… Sign the recall

We have a voice and we want a choice.

We are greater than she!

Upcoming Events

Lakeview Signing, 9-12p25 Sep 2022775 Harrison Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA
Upper Audubon Assn. 10a-5p25 Sep 2022Walnut St & Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA, USA
Earhart Blvd Signing, 4-7p25 Sep 2022Earhart Boulevard & South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA
Upper 9th Ward/Florida Area Signing, 4-7p28 Sep 20222320 Mazant Street, New Orleans, LA, USA
St Claude Signing Day 1, 10a-2p01 Oct 20225523 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA, USA
MidCity Signing Party 11-3p01 Oct 2022Canal Street & North Norman C Francis Parkway, New Orleans, LA, USA
Island Marina, HBA-Fishing Rodeo, 2-5p01 Oct 202226204 Chef Menteur Highway, New Orleans, LA, USA
St Claude Signing Day 2, 10a-2p02 Oct 20225523 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA, USA
Gentilly Signing Party, 4-7p06 Oct 2022Paris Avenue & Mirabeau Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA
Hard Rock Memorial Signing, 12-4p Duncan Plaza08 Oct 2022343 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA
Island Marina Signing Part, 2-5p15 Oct 202226204 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70129, USA

Donation Amount

Our hearts are breaking for the Councilman


Latoya is paying people from NYC to tell us what the City Council told her for free for months. She hasn't met with the council since January. Where's Latoya?

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This is what real accountability looks like, if they actually do it


The city council needs to follow through. Otherwise their accountability is no better than the mayor's

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She can't keep her own money straight


This woman has a less that fact based relationship with money that's not even hers

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And here comes CNN. Mayor...get your check book out!


Fox News & now CNN. Mayor....it's not just the people of New Orleans calling this BS.......it's the whole damn country. Stop scamming the people of New Orleans and call it a day. The lawsuits aren't far behind.

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Read this great article from Fox News!


This really is a great overview of what is going on in New Orleans(from Fox News, we know, not exactly something we thought we'd be typing). We have plenty of challenges and we need a Mayor who will rise to those challenges instead of looking out only for herself. Latoya is playing her constituent for chumps. We need to stop her. Sign the Recall Now!

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The queen just died and our grifting mayor still makes the news in the UK


It's not about race or gender Latoya, it's about the job!

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Mayor refuses to pay the city back for luxury travel


Oh, really?!

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Poll Finds Majority of Voters Favor Recall!


The numbers speak for themselves

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Can we just get our trash picked up?!?


This basic function that City Hall is responsible for barely happens once a week. Meanwhile we continue to pay the same as we did for twice a week pickups. Half the service, same price. Where is the problem solving and leadership we need?

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Make it right for Gordon Plaza residents


The mayor promised she would and it isn't happening

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We need you at our signing events and we need your skills!

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

We need folks to help at our signings! If you have time or talents you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! We are looking for some social media gurus to help promote our mission, fund raisers, tech experts and very soon people to gather signatures those 54,000 signatures!



How To Throw Your Own Signing Party & Print Documents You Will Need!

If you wish to host a signing event/party, please submit your designed event time here. Once you submit we will review your proposed host date, time, and location. Our goal is to use our resources as efficiently as possible and avoid conflicting signing party events in the same voting district. We will be in touch to confirm, and once finalized, the event will be published on our public schedule.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 04:00 Hours


Choose Day
Choose Time

The countdown ends the day after Mardi Gras! 2/22/2023

The Process Matters! Make sure your signatures count.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please reach out to us it you are planning a party.  We need to speak with you first! 
Email us at LetsRecallLatoya@gmail.com  with the subject "MY PARTY" and we will coordinate with you.  Thank you!

We encourage you to print this and get your friends and neighbors to sign, but if you do, please follow all of the Secretary of State's guidelines. We want every signature to count!

Remember, a registered voter can only sign once. Any invalid signatures will be tossed out and will not be counted toward the total.

  1. See example form, do not write in the red boxes shown in the sample. They are for official use by recall organizers and writing there could invalidate your signatures. 
    • DO NOT FILL IN the "#" column on the far left side of the page. 
    • DO NOT FILL IN "Pages _of _ " in the bottom right corner.
  2. You must make sure that ONLY voters registered in Orleans Parish hand sign the petition. 
    • Bad signatures will do more harm than good. 
    • Residents can register to vote here. They must have a valid government issued ID
  3. Voting ward and precinct can be found here
    • Use the "search by parish" option. This is also a great way to make sure signers are REALLY registered! 
    • Ward and precinct can also be found by downloading the GeauxVote app.
  4. The signature sheets must be returned at designated drop-off points or any signing function staffed by volunteers who are collecting signature pages. 
    • Please visit nolatoya.org for more information.
  5. Visit the link here and print page 2 (signature page)
    • You will need one page for every 15 signatures. 
    • This download is also available below in our "Forms & Files" section.


Important Stuff!Important Stuff!

What happens after the appropriate number of signatures are collected:


Petition Submitted

The petition is submitted to the Registrar of Voters' Office for certification.


Petition Certified

The Registrar of Voters certifies the petition within 20 working days after it is presented to them.


Petition to Governor

The petition is forwarded to the governor. The governor issues an election proclamation within 15 days of receipt of the petition.


Recall Vote

The recall goes to vote (primary election). If the recall passes, the mayor is recalled and the office is vacated.


Interim Mayor

Because Cantrell's unexpired term exceeds one year, council members will vote to appoint one of the two council-members-at-large to be acting Mayor during the period from the occurrence of the vacancy until a new mayor is elected and assumes office.


Special Election

A special election will be held and a new mayor will be voted into office.  The recalled official cannot be a candidate in the special election to fill the vacancy. In other words, LaToya Cantrell cannot run again.


How to find your ward and precinct.

Recall Petition Form

Page 2 is for collecting signatures and should be filled out following the specific guidelines detailed above.